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It seems like just yesterday I graduated college with my bachelors and masters in exercise science and was working in an outpatient cardiac rehab working as an exercise physiologist. I did that job for almost 5 years, but it was just that a j.o.b. I knew I was missing something, the feeling of passion, having a purpose and knowing I was fulfilled. I’m the kind of person who likes constant change. Doing the same thing every day just isn’t my jam.

But, what I did know is that I always liked taking photos, of course noting fancy just regular everyday photos with my iphone. One day while I was hitting the gym I had mentioned to a trainer that I liked photography but had zero knowledge about it and that it’s a super expensive hobby. They said that one day I will look back and regret not buying it. So, the next week I just went for it. I went out and purchased a camera, but because this was something I was so passionate about I also sat on YouTube night after night telling me husband that I am not going to sleep until I figure out at least the basics.

From that day forward, I just kept pushing myself and that is how I got myself where I am today. Photography has allowed me to feel so free and live the life that I had always dreamed of living. I am able to travel, meet new people and see the world in a different light. I can’t express how much fire and passion I have for photography and I’m so grateful that I took a huge scary leap to start something new.

I'm Staci Brucks, 30 years old, obsessed with shooting weddings and capturing couples in love, with authentic, raw and unposed moments. 


I help maintain the pace of the wedding I adore photographing, and keep it going smooth. I always try to make people feel as comfortable as possible and take care of everything so the bride and groom have nothing to worry about. I am very ambitious, adventurous, impactful, bold, passionate, easy going, empathetic, helpful, and flexible. And I never stop learning and growing because I want your experience working with me to be amazing!


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Passionate, driven, & empathetic.

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My Birkenstocks! They are my go-to sandal and SO comfy!

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 have been doing photography since I was 13 years old. My parents bought a camera and I immediately starting taking pictures of all of my friends. In high school is when I really started to make a business of photography!


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Dinner! Dinner for me usually means time spent around the table with family or friends. I cherish this time of the day!

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New Zealand for sure. Although I’m always down to travel anywhere!


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Hi, there! My name is Jaden, and I am so happy that you’re here! 
I am a Kansas wedding photographer who loves any and all aspects of love. My mission is to capture your wedding day in a way that will allow you to relive it all when you look through your finished gallery. 
When I'm not behind my camera, you can find me in the classroom teaching little kiddos, outside with the cattle, or watching my favorite show, The Office. 
I can’t wait to meet you soon!

Jaden Walters

Photographer Associates 

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